Committee Presentations


The Academic Committee is the bridge between the NCSU faculty, administration, and students. It plans events such as Dinner with the Dean, a faculty lecture series, and a major mixer.

Chaired by Daniel Pham and Brian Wu


E-Relations focuses on fostering relations between Engineers’ Council and all of NC State Engineering organizations. The committee also hosts Engineers’ Week, which is a series of events that allow direct interactions among faculty, industry representatives, alumni, and students that promote a sense of community in the College of Engineering at NC State.

Chaired by Courtney Bowden, Tracie Miner, and Leah Pursell


The Internal Committee’s mission is to increase interactions and build relationships among E-Council members by planning a variety of social events and activities held throughout the year. The committee is also in charge of recognizing achieving members and highlighting council accomplishments.

Chaired by Kyle Chang


The Philanthropy Committee is a new committee this year. The Committee focuses on getting the engineering students to give back to the community. The committee works on setting up donation events, and percentage nights to donate to non-profit organizations.

Chaired by Justin Care

Professional Development

Engineers’ Day is a night of mock interviews and preparation for the Engineering Career fair, held twice a year. The E-Day committee is in charge of planning and executing this event.

Chaired by Justin Powers and Peter Vogiatzis


The Publicity Committee is in charge of public relations, social media, recruiting, and advertising for the Engineers’ Council. The goal of the committee is to increase the council’s visibility to engineering students and faculty.

Chaired by Christopher Chow and John Medeiros

Regional Conference Planning Team

The Regional Conference Planning Team is responsible for planning the NAESC Regional Conference at NC State next fall. The National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) is a non-profit organization that serves engineering student councils by facilitating communication, promoting engineering education, and serving as a collective voice for the engineering student community. NAESC has chosen NC State Engineers’ Council to host this weekend-long conference that will consist of student networking, keynote speakers, and leadership development activities for Engineering Councils in the North Atlantic Region. Holding this conference at NC State will showcase the prestige of our College of Engineering and display our abilities as an Engineering Council to Lead the Pack.

This team consists of Blake Draves, Colleen Roosa, and Tanya Chu.

Welcome Back Bash

The Welcome Back Bash is an event held early in the fall semester each year for all engineering students and is hosted in the Engineering Oval on Centennial Campus. It is an opportunity to meet new people, as well as interact with engineering organizations interested in recruiting new members.

Organized by the Blake Draves, Tracie Miner, and Brian Wu.